Una boda interracial y lesbiana


Went to Barcelona this weekend. Mom’s first comment? “I assume what happened in Barcelona will stay in Barcelona.” Yes, mom. You’re right.

But that’s not why I’m posting…

While procrastinating working on the presentation I have to give tomorrow in class, I happened to stumble upon some of the most beautiful wedding photographs I’ve ever seen. I’m not usually huge on weddings, but this looks like the most wonderful ceremony ever. I love the way this wedding manages to tie in both the American and Indian traditions, so both brides get the ceremony they have probably dreamt of for a while. And yeah, you read that correctly. BOTH brides. Thank you to these women for proving that not all Indians are like the mom in that YouTube video I posted last month.

Check out these pictures and try and tell me you don’t think these ladies don’t deserve to get married. All I can say is that if Maria and I end up having to go through with our marriage pact in 20 years, I can only hope we look half this beautiful.  



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